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On the Market: Jones Street FSBO

Remember the height of Bubblemania, when dozens of broker-haters set out to sell their apartments on their own, all in an effort to avoid having to give those hardworking real estate professionals a cut? Ah, Fizzbow Fever, where have you gone? We haven't spotlighted a FSBO in a while, so here's one to have a crack at. The link came in an email with the subject line "Good FSBO or Not?" Looks pretty decent to us. This one-bedroom may be tiny at just 575-square-feet, but the location ain't bad (55 Jones Street between Bleecker and West 4th) and it's fairly charming. The exposed brick behind the bed is always a ladykiller. The fifth-floor unit (walk-up?) is priced at $545,000. Thoughts?
· Listing: 55 Jones Street []