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Broker BlogWrap: Chelsea Penthouse Luxe for $2m

Broker Blogwrap is Curbed's irregular roundup from the wild world of blogging real estate brokers. Know about a broker blog we should be reading? Drop a line to

1) Donald and Melania Trump and... Justin Timberlake? "Mr. Trump didn't seem too into the concert, though, barely a head bob or a sway. His seats were really not worthy." [UrbanDigs]

2) Fresh Manhattan market intel: True Gotham and UrbanDigs both suggest buyers exercize patience, patience, patience in this "bizarre" real estate market. [True Gotham, UrbanDigs]

3) For the lower-tier Wall Streeters among us, here's a twin set of "not really advertised yet" penthouses in Chelsea for just over $2 million each. Above, floorplan goodness, not including additional outdoor space. [The Upper Crust NYC]