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Approved: 27 Wooster; Rejected: Chelsea Seminary

Ah, the sweet joy of community boards and the Landmarks Preservation Committee. Today, a two-pack of promise and pain. Of course, in New York the approved/rejected binary is seldom clear-cut, but hey, we're simple-minded people.

1) Soho: You're looking live at tripped-out renderings for 27 Wooster Street (at Grand, currently a parking lot), a proposed ~20-unit condo project that received Landmarks approval yesterday. Per architects Smith-Miller + Hawkinson, the "skin of the building is a 21st Century version of historic cast iron facades found in the district... We used contemporary materials, factory assembled and shipped to site. We emulate the slender proportions of the historic buildings." Got that? Next step: Closed-door Planning Commission hearing earlier today. NB tons more images on the architects' site. [CityRealty]

2) Chelsea: Down in flames yet again goes the Chelsea Seminary's tweaked plan for a 15-story "luxury" residential development on its property. After "hours of speeches" (hooo boy), Community Board 4 adopted a resolution to oppose the plan. Next step: Landmarks Commission consideration. [BlogChelsea, previous]