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Park Slope on the Cutting Edge of Stroller-Centrism?

That business about the stroller menace at the Park Slope Barnes & Nobles seemed to strike a chord. Here's a sample of one of the dozens of comments:

Strollers are the first sign an area is dead, over, should have an exit sign from the NJ turnpike. These stroller-fish wives are not NY'rs (actually less than 10% of NY'rs are from NYC); they just bored schlock trying to keep themselves from going nuts. Same as SUVs, McMansions, Super-Moms, mini-vans, etc.At least one Park Slope resident, Steve Berlin Johnson, tries to tackle the Brooklyn/Park Slope baby issue from an urban planning perspective with an item on about kids and urban life. (For the record, this is the same web site where the item about how "breast friends" should breast feed each other's babies was published.) He writes:After we moved to Brooklyn, I started to think that maybe there was something even better than the pedestrian-centric city: the stroller-centric city. Kids made the sidewalks more lively and humane spaces, but they did something else as well: they spread the pheromones more thickly; they made connections happen between strangers who otherwise wouldn't have reached out to one another. The addition of our children transformed our sidewalk promenades. Strangers suddenly had a reason to talk to us, and I had a reason to talk to them. Before long, we stopped being strangers.More reasons to discuss the little ones!
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