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Back in the Day, BLUE was just a Dream

Another morning, another story about how developers come up with those superbest names for the new developments that bewitch us so. We really can't get worked up about another one of thes—er, wait:

When it came to naming Blue, architect Bernard Tschumi's 16-story, 32-unit pixilated glass condominium on the Lower East Side, it wasn't obvious at first what to call it. "We had considered, I believe, the name ‘Dream' in French — Reve — because it felt like a dream in some respects and the architect is Swiss French, " a managing director of Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group, Daniel Cordeiro, said. "With that building we wanted to be straightforward."
Let's see, that makes three — trois — Blue references within the last 48 hours on Curbed. The old boy's still got it after all.
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