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Will Harlem's Gateway II Spread Its Wings?

Above is an architect rendering of the Gateway II project in Harlem, notable for the developer's crazy dream to build a relatively narrow development for half the height, then expand horizontally across the top of nearby buildings. Kinda awesome, no? And not just that! A Curbed reader says there's even more than meets the eye at this development site:

I read one of the entires with a request from another reader to 'poke around.' Could you please do the same for this property: 2098 Frederick Douglass Blvd (114th Street) which is supposed to be the construction site for Gateway II. According to Halstead, who marketed this, the expected move-in (read: issue Certificate of Occupancy) is ten months from now (i.e. by year-end 2007). Many people are wondering what is going on - rusty pipes and two trucks parked there for months, but no activity. There is a rumor flying around that the Gateway II project may not materialize at all, leaving all condo purchasers with their down payment plus whatever interest is paid from the escow account (4% since 2004-2005)."

Oooh, fun! Even the normally boisterous folk at Wired New York have fallen silent on this one. Who knows more?
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