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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Park Slopers Fight for Right to Shop & Race Maclarens (75 comments)
"No strollers clogging the aisles for others. No dogs in restaurants. No jay-walking. Oh, New York where has your individual sense of entitlement gone?"
2) Ask Curbed: Is a Bathroom in the Bedroom Bad? (61 comments)
"given the size of most one-bedroom apts, putting the bathroom off the living room as opposed to bed room means that, when you have a dinner guest that has to take a deuce, it is a very public affair. in fact, the bathroom door is likely to be within smelling distance of the dinner table. there are down sides to each setup."
3) On the Market: Jones Street FSBO (55 comments)
"I have been looking for months for a place with 'Tranquil energy'! Perhaps this is it."
4) Ask Curbed: Does Affordable Housing Affect Resale? (49 comments)
"While some of the posters on this board seem to think these developments are like putting a mini-housing project in your building, in fact the opposite is true. Anyone who goes through this process is likely to truly value their property and work hard to take care of it - which can't be said of lots of young professionals whose home was bought by Mom and Dad."
5) Splasher Strikes on the LES (45 comments)
"I think the splash art is just as interesting as the traditional 'street art.' the splasher seems to be deliberate about how and where he/she splashes and the paint colors are quite beautiful. besides, isn't street art ephemeral and the "public domain" of visual art? anything goes, right? otherwise it belongs in a gallery."