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Brooklyn Oil Continued, Roebling Edition

Yes, the Greenpoint Oil Spill and the 17-30 million gallons of spilled oil sloshing around under Brooklyn has no equal. The development site we call the Roebling Oil Field--the one where black oil has been oozing and oozing from the ground--offers its own unique mini-oil spill joys, though. A neighbor emails

The underground oil spill may extend far into Williamsburg. I have always spoken of the smell that comes from as far away as Meeker and North 7th st. when it rains. I hope all this stuff that the numerous sites throughout Williamsburg are putting in the air is not harming all of us.Meantime, it looks like there is some official interest in Williamsburg's itty-bitty oil spill. A State Assemblyman's office sent an email to a Roebling Oil Field neighbor indicating the site is being cleaned with a "chemical agent" and that a "vapor barrier" will be put in place, which make us think of Iraq and a public toilet, but whatever:When I first came across that site, there was a distinct smell coming from the area along with a black sludgey substance covering some of the construction site. However, on a second visit a few weeks later, the area appeared to be cleaned up. Your photos indicate that more oil has surfaced.You can see pictures of the "black sludgey substance" here, here and here.
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