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"Coney Island to Turn Into Shitty Mall for Jerks"

We don't often get the chance to wander over to Meathaus for our urban planning and real estate development commentary, but this rant, in response to the new Future of Coney Island website has a certain funny something. It says, in part:

...could they just respect the 100+ years of history of Coney Island a little and hire some new designers so that they don’t end up with crap like this? For cryin’ out loud. Coney Island has a 100 years of awesome graphics, design, typography, signage, architecture, and history and this conceptual artist lays out a Times Square style glass and metal clusterfuck of ugly. Let me guess: they need all that cavernous retail space for the Dave and Buster’s, ESPN Zone, TGI Friday’s and Wal-Mart that will be moving in. Where did they get this designer anyway? Jack-O-Lantern on a bikini butt? Must be their idea of Coney wackiness. And don’t even get me started on the graphic for SPLASH! their proposed year-round indoor waterpark. Nice type, assface!

But, seriously, tell us how you really feel.
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