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New Boss for Williamsburg Waterfront Parks, McCarren Pool?

Someday, maybe 2030, there will be a 1.6 mile "esplanade" along the East River in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, built by developers putting up all those waterfront highrises. If developers build the open space per city guidelines and if they turn it over to the city to run, it looks like the city, in turn, will hand it off to a conservancy run by the Open Space Alliance for North Brookyn. Or something like that. That same conservancy will also run McCarren Pool, starting next year. A deal is in the works to channel "any money from concert promoters" staging events at the pool (we take as a hint that more big shows are coming this summer) into a fund to "improve the green space in Williamsburg and Greenpoint." The Alliance has been looking for a new director, too. Job duties listed include managing "newly acquired park properties" and designing plans "for interim uses of McCarren pool for the duration of its reconstruction." Interesting bit of information.
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