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Ask Curbed: Does Affordable Housing Affect Resale?

With all of the tax and building incentives being handed out to developers who include affordable housing units within new construction, it was only a matter of time before a potential buyer posed this question. It's a sensitive topic, but one worthy of discussion:

I went to the sales office at Soha118 (right) and what they (sneakily) failed to mention during our appointment is that 39 (or 1/3) of the building's units will be occupied by low-income tenants (lottery selection). I'm not sure how i feel about the lower income housing. $200k for 2 bedroom for qualified buyers or $1 million for foolish buyers. I assume that lower income housing receives all of the same benefits as the other residents. So my question is, will buying in a building with affordable housing affect resale values?

Your input is welcome, as always, in the comments.
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