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CurbedWire: 27 Wooster, Sleep Pods, & BLUE

27 Wooster rendering via Smith-Miller+Hawkinson Architects

1) Soho: Daniel Golub, senior policy advisor to Manhattan boro prez Scott Stringer, weighs in on the Landmark-approved plans for 27 Wooster:

I noted that one of the uber-alert Curbed commenters noted that 'The builder of the Wooster Street project will have to be extremely careful when digging the foundation as there is a big flooding/drainage problem at that intersection when it rains. You can undermine the nearby buildings if you don't know what you're doing.' They're on to something - there have been major flooding and building collapse problems in that area since the water level underground is very high. Our recommendation to the Planning Commission is that they require the developer to create a Construction Protection Plan to make sure no nearby buildings are endangered. So there's still some fight left in the project as we try to get that taken care of. The Commission will probably vote on the project in a couple weeks.

[CurbedWire Inbox] 2) West Village: There was a lot of talk about last week's lofted pod-bed open house, but not much action, according to one tipster. He writes, "No suckers, I mean takers on that 2-pod loft rental. Another open house, this time by appt only, maybe too many people came in space suits and Star Trek outfits." [CurbedWire Inbox]

3) Lower East Side: A special Curbed correspondent dials from the LES with some big BLUE news. To wit, "Just got word from the building super, move in date is 3 weeks away. Also, everything is sold except the penthouse." Meanwhile, a commenter from Wednesday's Wire says closings begin 2/15. [CurbedWire Inbox]