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The Gowanus Canal: Good or Bad?

For late afternoon diversion, we turn to the Gowanus Canal. Specifically, to a couple of posts at the Brooklyn Skeptic, which has a "Gowanus Canal Debate Series." Well, actually, it's one "Yay" and one "Nay" post. In any case, an excerpt from the "Yay":

The actual creation of the Canal was one of the first acts of Brooklyn gentrification. Once the land was drained, property values went up and the birds and fishes were kicked out so robber-barons and merchant marines could move in.And from the "Nay" post:Fact is, the Gowanus Canal is a potentially harmful stream of chemicals that spawns mutant mosquitoes during the summer...when mosquitoes are brought to life by an ungodly pool of poison, they inherit the strength of an angry soccer mom and are able to physically bend screen wires open with their arms. I've seen this occur. It's some crazy shit.More to come?
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