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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Down Slope Condos

Answers to Tuesday's questions, for readers by readers, below. If you've got a better answer, another question, or a sweet, sweet digital photograph, drop a line to

1) Down Slope: Regarding the recently cleared lot at 4th avenue at 12th street, a commenter has this original reporting: "A couple weeks ago, I asked a construction worker on site what they were building. His response: 'Condos--what else?'" Meanwhile, another commenter dials in with some deets: "If you're refering to the SW lot at 12th and 4th Ave - it's owned by a LLC called Park Slope Group. The lot is within the R8A rezoning, probably giving the lot around 60k worth developable res square footage. The lots to the south are almost all owned by Addie Realty. If Addie and Park Slope LLC have some joint deal, you'll end up with a building about the size of NOVO Park Slope up the street. If not - the building on SW corner will be 8-9 stories with a set back."
2) Soho: Is the "small machine" at Spring and Wooster a sign of condos to come? A commenter writes, "I don't think that machine was for 'core samples.' I spotted it earlier in the week in front of Barolo. Con Ed has been doing a ton of work in the area."

3) Long Island City: All signs point to a hotel at 34th and Van Dam. Says a commenter, "The LIC bldg. doesn't look too bad, really--basic brick facade, still going up. But who is going to stay there? People visiting the cemetery when the Best Western down the road is full? Movie stars flying in to do a shoot at Silvercup West? I can't figure it out--it's a horrible place for a hotel. Walking distance to that giant strip club though..."
4) Chelsea: Finally, as for the parking lot at 17th and 6th, nothing is clear except that the answer is probably condos. We can, however, pass along Congratulations! for the recent availability of this lot's neighbor to the north (and former R&B subject), 100 W. 18th (rendered below via Garrett Gourlay Architect).

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