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East Village Noise Wars Update: Death & Co's Death?

After an outpouring of East Villagers protested the noise emanating from Death & Co. at a community board meeting Monday night, the East 5th Street speakeasy surprised patrons last night with a locked door and a hand-written note stating they were closed for 'Spring Cleaning.' Eater reports that an insider explains the temporary closing as related to "an administrative issue with their SLA license but... nothing to do with their CB3 problems." Sounds... plausible-ish! Actually, wait. No, it doesn't.
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COMMUNITY BOARD BONUS: The same board meeting Monday night also brought out carpenters upset at hotelier Jason Pomeranc for his use of non-union labor at his 200 Allen Street spatel. Per special Curbed correspondent Jake Albertson, a measure passed "urging the Pomeranc meet with representatives of the relevant unions in an effort to assist construction workers who are presently employed at the Hotel site and seek to join a labor union, so that said workers may receive all the benefits that unionized construction workers enjoy." Bottom line? This thing, like 6 Columbus before (and, uh, still), ain't ever getting finished.
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