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Curbed Roundtable: Ready for the Surge?

[Hurricane evacuation zones, in increasing order of you're-screwedness. Via]

Our first thought while looking at the hurricane evacuation map on the front page of the NYT real estate section yesterday: dude, Red Hook is fucked. One Curbed reader's first thought, on the other hand, was to email us to start a discussion:

I'd love to hear other people's thoughts on whether this threat ever factors into their real estate decisions. I find it bizarre that real estate obsessed New Yorkers can spend every waking moment thinking about real estate yet never give a moment's thought to this issue... I'm personally not scared of buying in New York because it might be flooded one day in the distant or not too distant future. I'm scared of buying in New York because no one seems to give the shit if the city runs that risk.So, how about it? Cause for genuine concern in your real-estate decisions, or wacked-out global warming conspiracy? Or both?

[FEMA Flood Hazard Area map courtesy PropertyShark]

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