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It Happened One Weekend: The Roxy Closes, Lidle's Estate Sued

1) Saturday Night marked the end for legendary night club and, more recently, gay dance standby The Roxy. The club has been open since 1991 and by their own count has hosted 53 DJs, 781 go-go boys, plus Madonna, Cher, Bette Midler and Beyonce. The club's final party lasted until noon Sunday, when Donna Summer's "Last Dance" twice played the club out. By way of explanation for the shuttering of an institution: "The building’s owner has plans to sell it to developers." [NYT Metro/Eric Koingsberg]

2) Ali Schmitz needed an apartment, see; in the East Village for under $1K. She'd been paying $650 for a shared place in Boston. “I didn’t understand the breadth of what looking for housing in New York meant,” Ms. Schmitz said. “I thought I would fly right in, unbeaten down by the system. I was so wrong.” She sent dozens of e-mail messages, answering every posting on the Craigslist Web site that fell “within my interest zone,” she said. The attrition rate was enormous. “Not only do you have to find a place you are O.K. with, but a place that is O.K. with you,” she said. “It was rejection after rejection. It was the most discouraging thing ever.” Spoiler: She got a room for $950, but people were mean -- mean -- to her. [The Hunt/Joyce Cohen]

3) The address 524 E. 72nd St. rings a bell, no? It's the site of Yankees' hurler Corey Lidle's tragic plane crash. It's also home to celebrity dentist Dr. Larry Rosenthal and his wife, who are suing Lidle's estate -- in practice, their insurance provider -- for $7M in damages ($5M compensatory; $2M "mental anguish and distress") despite their apartment being 13 floors above the site of the crash. The Rosenthals' lawyer, David Jaroslawicz said, "There's the nuisance of being thrown out of your apartment, having to go out and buy clothes. It's an inconvenience." Here's where this gets even more despicable: Rosenthal has a history of going after insurance companies, once having sued himself and netting $85K. [NYP/Page Six]

4) Via Habitats, next is the story of Eric Schneider and his 450 square foot pad, purchased two years ago for $235K, now home to his fully customized...Murphy bed. He's also got fold-up, fold-down, slide-out, slide-in, retractable, collapsing, expanding, rolling, rotating everything else. Cost of professionally designed and installed customization: $70K; the feeling of waking up in your living room: priceless. [Habitats/Celia Barbour]

5) Neighborhood sea-change alert: Pridefest, the annual gay-themed street fair is moving from the West Village to Chelsea this year, because the event has become less gay in recent years. "“We were seeing a steady decrease in L.G.B.T. organizations,” said Brian O’Dell, the fair’s director." Eighth Avenue from 14th to 23rd Streets is the new Washington Street, it turns out. "“When I first came out, in 1976, Christopher Street was seen as the symbolic home of the lesbian, gay and transgender rights movement,” Mr. O’Dell said. “But because of skyrocketing rents, a lot of the gay bars have moved elsewhere...People started seeing Chelsea as the new L.G.B.T. neighborhood.”" More on the de-Gaying of the West Village to follow, natch. [Neighborhood Report/West Village]