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New Brooklyn Neighborhood Blogs

Several new Brooklyn neighborhood blogs on the radar screen.

1) In Bed-Stuy, there's the aptly named BedStuy Blog. The blogger writes that "despite the number of Brooklyn blogs out there, few are dedicated to life in Bed-Stuy. Surprising, given the size of this neighborhood! Luckily, bloggers from nearby neighborhoods have had interest in Bed-Stuy and have featured some of our businesses, developments, and residents." [BedStuy Blog]

2) The Coney Island fray has attracted the attention of The Coney Island Reporter. It describes itself as "One lonely grad student has set out to learn everything there is to know about this bizzare stretch of beach." [Coney Island Reporter]

3) Last but not least, soon-to-be residents at 110 Livingston have started a new blog called 110 Livingston News & Blog. The items range around the neighborhood, including our favorits so far called "The Park Avenue of Brooklyn? Not Quite Yet." [110 Livingston News & Blog]