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Park Slope #1: How to Piss Off Park Slopers

There's a little bit of a discussion over at the Brooklynian Park Slope Forum on the amusing topic of "How to Piss Off a Park Slope Resident." A few of the suggestions so far:

· Wear a "George W. Bush" t-shirt
· Say to every passing stroller, "Your kid isn't as cute as you think s/he is."
· Suggest building a high-rise condo on the corner of Third Street and Seventh Avenue.
· Suggest building a high-rise section-8 building on the corner of Union Street and Seventh Avenue.
· Explain to them that your rent is only $250 a month for your 3 bedroom 2 bath duplex because you were smart enough to move here 25 years ago when everyone else would have rather lived in Brooklyn Heights or Cobble Hill.

· Laugh at them because they can't afford Manhattan.More suggestions in the discussion.
· How to Piss Off a Park Slope Resident [Brooklynian]
· Park Slopers Fight for the Right to Shop & Race Maclarens [Curbed] [Photo courtesy of Lab2112/flickr]