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Nouvel Wants You to Join Him in His Chelsea Bunker

We opened the Curbed mailbox yesterday to find that starchitect Jean Nouvel and his friends had sent us a shiny piece of mail. What, we idled, could they want to tell us so badly as to purchase a stamp to convey the news? Why, that the website for 100 Eleventh Avenue, Nouvel's forthcoming residential development next door to Frank Gehry's IAC Headquarters in West Chelsea, has gone live. Stop. The. Presses.

Alas, the website (a "teaser site," apparently) is as tedious as they come—a "100 second" load time for a flash display of... random numbers! Only by clicking through through the "property inquiries" link did we find the new, vaguely terrifying rendering seen above. Given that this is all the website shows of the building—no in-context models, no floorplans—we have to wonder if the Sunshine Group is catering to buyers with a serious bunker mindset.
· 100 Eleventh Avenue []
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UPDATE: Regarding yesterday's CurbedWire item about the sales office for this building, someone in the know emails, "The Nouvel sales office is not yet open. Patience! It will be in just a couple more weeks. And it will be fantastic."