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Storefronting: Barneys To MePa?!, Lush Set for Union Square, Dog Yoga Hits Harlem, and a Greenpoint Reveal!

It's time for another round of retail rowdiness, with an eye on store openings and closings that impact neighborhoods. Got some Storefronting of your own to report? Do drop us a line. Bonuses awarded for digital photographs, natch.

1) MePa:We received a tip today so enormous, of such importance, that we couldn't wait a minute longer to share. From a reader: "My buddy is a big commercial restate guru and he hinted to me that Barney's has purchased the building behind Diane Vonfurtsenberg's new place. They are just in the middle of a permit & zoning battle. Have you guys heard anything about this?" We're assuming that it's not going to be another Co-op, since it'll be quite close to the one in Chelsea. Does this mean that the luxe department store is opening a downtown hub? Anyone with a clue can, of course, send along a note. No pressure. [CurbedWire Inbox]

2) Union Square: Fans of body-product purveyors Lush will be happy to know that the brand is opening a store on 14th Street. Wait, we already mentioned this back in January. Who cares! Our excitement about this is that great. [The Shophound]

3) Harlem: Glad tidings: Harlem dwellers now can pamper their dogs in ridiculous ways just like the rest of the city. Neighborhood blogger Harlem Fur has the news that Uptown Hound, a business that can only be described as a dog gym, has opened on Adam Clayton Powell and 121st Street. The place offers dog walking, sitting, grooming, training, and yoga. That's right—yoga for dogs. [Harlem Fur]

4) Greenpoint: Last week, we confirmed the Starbucks 'Coming Soon' sign up in Greenpoint. Above, the first photo evidence we've seen of the 'bucks imminent arrival. Line forms to the left. [Curbed]