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Avalon III Update: Allez Les Cranes!

Above, the view looking northwest from the southeast corner of First Street and Second Avenue. Soak in the low-rise view, because that's the construction site for Avalon's third foray into the LES/East Village, and if it rises anywhere as quickly as the first two, it'll be 12 stories high by this time tomorrow. Completion on this part of the project—set to offer 100 more rental units—was set for early 2008, but we're giving 3:2 odds that it opens before then. (By the by, anyone have a rendering for this part of the project handy?)

A swinging piece of debris terrorizes the Brick House Condos next door, where prices decline 5% for every floor of Avalon III that rises.

Recall the audacious plans to remake an alley, with the most excellent name Extra Place, into a "Left Bank for the East Village"? Well, here it is in its current state. Feeling it yet? Oui?
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