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What's the Matter With Montague Street?

Er, it's not hip enough for cool retailers. So writes Chris Schott, in a piece already impacting across Brooklyn Heights:

As Smith and Fifth continue to add eclectic new shops and restaurants, boosting their surrounding neighborhoods’ desirability, Montague Street is rapidly losing what few charms it has left. Goodbye, Mr. Souvlaki, after 33 wonderful years of seasoned meat on a stick; hello, Sprint PCS... If places like Smith Street and Fifth Avenue are presently experiencing a sort of nightlife renaissance, then Montague Street has clearly hit a recession.
Recession, of course, is a matter of perspective: "Naturally, from a realtor's perspective, things couldn't be rosier along the brand-name-logo'd historic strip." Then, er, sorry, what was the problem again?
· Brooklyn Heights Blues: Montague Street RIP? [NYObserver]