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Brokers and the Other Brokers Who Hijack Their Bios

This month's Real Deal has an interesting piece on the give and take between brokerage firms and their marketing-savvy agents who are increasingly trying to promote themselves as individual brands. Elliman, for one, is moving to curb the practice. Coincidentally, we were just tipped off to Corcoran star broker Laura Denise Milkowski's bio, an ebullient recitation of the many, many reasons LDM is fit to manage your real estate and The LDM Team. Fascinating read (see esp., "[S]ome people enjoy Scrabble or the NY Times Crosswords as hobbies, not our Laura. She is constantly scanning the latest periodicals and websites looking for investment opportunities! She is the little lady about town with a highlighter in one hand and the real estate section in the next."). But after slogging through all of that prose, what we're really wondering is, who is that woman smiling at us mischievously from the bottom of the page? UPDATE: It's the Jane virgin?!
· Laura Denise Milkowski: Vice President [Corcoran]
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