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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Garbage & Condos

Answers to Tuesday's questions, from the mouths of readers, below. If you've got a better answer, another question, or a sweet, sweet digital photograph, leave a note in the comments or drop a line to We're here to serve you.

1) Morningside Hts: They're digging churchside at 110th and Columbus (or as one commenter calls it, "Saint John the Landfill") to make room for a 20-story, 296-unit AvalonBay rental development, a project we reported on earlier this year (see rendering above).
2) Harlem: No news regarding the chain link fence surrounding the southeast corner of 125th and Fifth.
3) Hell's Kitchen East: The mass closings on 8th Ave between 54th & 55th foreshadow the arrival of 3 million square feet of new office space from your friends at Boston Properties and Madison Equities. Steve Cuozzo had the scoop last week.
4) Hell's Kitchen West: While 8th Ave. is fit for glistening offices, 12th Ave. is made for garbage. And thus the long-fallow lot between 57th and 55th will house Sanitation Dept. vehicle storage and maintenance. Rest assured, though, it will be "a sleek new facility that provides a dignified working environment for New York City’s strongest,” according to the Mayor. More in this Wired NY thread.
5) Williamsburg: As for the corner of North 4th and Bedford Ave, one commenter notes tthat a Karl Fischer design has been withdrawn. Another says a Herman Badillo syndicate wants to build 40 stories high. We can only dream.

Bonus EVill: Some backstory on the property on 12th between A & B from commenter lucretious: "The site was owned by the plumber who had a storefront up the street and he used to park his trucks there. Vacant for at least 20 years (i.e when i moved into the EV). They sold it for an ungodly amount of money--was asking something like 8 million give or a take a couple mill for the vacant lot and didn't have to wait too long to get it. So these apartments aren't going to be cheap." Apparently, the loan balcony is "decorative."
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