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Famed Union Square Vacant Lot Going Condo

After two decades of sitting on an empty lot near Union Square, developers the Milstein family finally have plans for the site: an eight-story residential building. The plans end an endless mystery about the vacant site, per the Sun:

The group's seemingly longheld reluctance to develop the Union Square property, which is strewn with loose bricks, has mystified neighborhood businesses and residents. The site now bears a banner advertisement for, a banking entity controlled by the Milsteins. "Make money for your money," the ad says.
Don't miss the article's buried lead, either: that the Toll Brothers' glassy, sassy 110 Third Avenue, site of that crane collapse last year, claims to have sold a whopping 90% of its units, with three months to go until closing. (Lesson: don't doubt The Brothers.)
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