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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Another Morning in the Land of Crap (42 comments)
"That house was so beautiful, even after the porch was enclosed. It's such a shame to see it destroyed. Developers won't be happy until the entire borough is one contiguous pale brick nightmare."
2) What's the Matter With Montague Street? (34 comments)
"Uh... this is news? Brooklyn Heights has been near-dead since at least the early '90s; a very few vestiges, like the record store, hung on 'til almost the end & the book store now there is bizzarre aberration..."
3) Rumblings & Bumblings Bonus: 12th St. Room With a View (30 comments)
"I hate those rectangular windows. They'd make me feel like I'm living in an oven."
4) On the Market: Bargain on 24th? (30 comments)
"yeah, I was just this second trying to decide between a 1.5m loft in flatiron and a 0.15m colonial in youngstown myself, but then I remembered I don't know where the fuck Youngstown is."