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J Condo Set Likes Its Art Colorful and Swirly

The winning J Condo art, scanned from the pages of the event booklet

Yesterday was the big meet-and-greet for the J Condo crowd, which finally selected the common area art it will ignore every day upon entry and egress. Two insiders filed reports. First, some thoughts on the art competition:

Well, the building isn't populated with art critics, that's for sure. Evidently, for this crowd, colorful = good. Don't get me wrong, the work was all fine, it's a wonderful tribute to the community, blah blah blah. But I confess that I did, just for fun, vote for what SHOULD win and--on my own personal ballot, of course--for what WOULD win. I predicted two out of three (I expected red flowers instead of wallpaper squares for the lounge). I was kind of secretly hoping that folks would actually pony up the votes for Pasqualina Azzarello, whose work was nominated for the play space, it would have been a nice nod to the development's continuity, in addition to featuring some wonderful work. But, alas, she apparently isn't colorful enough. Our other special correspondent writes, "A big and baby-friendly crowd mingled at last night's reception, where J-condoers judged the art competition. The winning artwork will be permanently installed in the building. Most of the submissions were abstract, with big swirls of color.

"It was great that people wore name tags with their apartment numbers, so you could see who bought the biggest and priciest units. I mean, so you could see who your immediate neighbors were."
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J Condo

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