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The Battle of Sunnyside Gardens Continues

The fight over landmarking Sunnyside Gardens in Queens continues. With public hearings on the way and press coverage increasing, both the pro- and anti-landmarking sides are getting louder. The issue is a 77-acre, 600-building, 1,200-unit development that was built in the 1920s near the picturesque Sunnyside railyards. (For all of you Queens fans, you can find Sunnyside on a map by clicking here.)

One the pro-landmarking side is the Sunnyside Gardens Preservation Alliance. They've been working for a few years to get the neighborhood landmarked. On the other side is Preserve Sunnyside Gardens, which says that immigrants living in the neighborhood have been left out of the loop and that the pro-landmark side doesn't really have community support. Stay tuned.
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[Photo courtesy of Forgotten NY]