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Boymelgreen Backing Off From Brooklyn For Now?

Is developer Shaya Boymelgreen bailing out on Brooklyn? Not quite, but he says he's going to wait for projects he's already built to be "absorbed and sold" before he starts any new ones. (Draw your own conclusions.) The Brooklyn Paper has a story and a Q&A with the developer of the Beacon Tower, Novo Park Slope and 75 Smith, among other Brooklyn projects. Boymelgreen says: “We are more finishing and continuing [our current projects]. The high fever of condominiums and real estate is slowing down.” He says Fourth Avenue will be a new “Park Avenue.” And talks up Gowanus:

"Four years ago, we started buying property [in the Gowanus Canal area]. ? All this area was empty. And so I said, ‘Look at the canal. It [could] be a beautiful place.’ And the city said, ‘Yes, Shaya. We would like to see somebody come.’ That’s why I bought it.”And he says of himself that "Shaya Boymelgreen is a developer." It's a definite wintry March Friday read.
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