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Willy's Wee Penthouse Over Ninth Avenue

With all the mega-projects popping up right and left in and around Lohki or SoHell (or whatever the heck they're calling the nabe nestled between the Lincoln Tunnel and Port Authority these days) it's nice to see somebody building small. Or maybe we should say teeny. This humble little 4-story bit of brickage at the SE corner of West 39th and Ninth Avenue is about to get both a "Horizontal Enlargement" out the back and a couple of floors plopped on top. Hope there's gonna be lots of glass here. All the better to view the new McSam-O-Rama going up across the way.

[The rear yard of 522 Ninth Avenue along West 39th Street]

This little back lot measures only about 18-1/2' by 15', but with space at a premium architect Willy L. Zambrano is going to add on every square inch of habitable space he can. The entire rear yard will get walled in and a new duplex will be added up top. That cozy little Penthouse-to-be might not get anyone admittance into the exclusive PH Club, but the views of Renzo's Rod-a-palooza up the block should be ridiculoso. And when the annual Ninth Avenue Food Fight rolls around each spring the hungry ones up above can simply drop down some cash and get the grilled goodies tossed back up. Ah, yes. Small is good.

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