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CurbedWire: 40 Mercer's Falling Ice, DeLorean Part II

SOHO— A tipster files this icy report from a weekend visit to 40 Mercer: "Saturday morning I walked over to the Wachovia at 40 Mercer to use the new Wachovia ATM. I was surprised to see a yellow police-style "caution" tape strung about 5 feet away around the entire building. I wasn't sure why and couldn't see any action, so I proceeded to lift up the tape and duck under it, when a huge (and I mean huge) block of ice fell from one of the upper levels about 10 feet away from me. Whoever designed the steel beam facade didn't anticipate that the parts that jut out would become ice receptacles." [CurbedWire Inbox]

GREENPOINT— Was last week's DeLorean sighting in Greenpoint the real deal? A tipster says it can't be. He explains, "A person wouldn't be able to exit the car in that position. Don't you remember that a DeLorean's door open upward and outward?" [CurbedWire Inbox]

40 Mercer

40 Mercer Street, New York, NY 10013