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Williamsburg Gets a Dose of 'Cheesy California Stucco'

It ain't easy being in the preservation business in North Brooklyn. Among the many things, for instance, giving the Waterfront Preservation Alliance of Williamsburg and Greenpoint fits is the neighborhood's "rich and colorful history of faux siding." It describes the fate of the building above, at Berry and N. 7th Streets as follows:

A fine Italianate flat house that had an intact pressed brick facade is now covered over in styrofoam and stucco...Regrettably, this cheesy "California stucco" applique has become the faux siding of choice for the 21st century..."California stucco" is very difficult to undo. In this case, for instance, the styrofoam is glued directly to 130-year-old brick.A market niche for faux stucco removal specialists!
· Berry & N 7th [WPA]
· Graham and Metropolitan [WPA]