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Noise Wars Head to Brooklyn, But it Ain't About Bars

What's it like to be slowly driven insane by a high-pitched piercing sound that goes off for hours at a time?one that the police have given up on locating? Ask this Brooklyn Heights resident, whose quiet nights on Montague Street have been interrupted by this alarm since February. He swears. No one else has complained about it, so he set up a website to find others out there who are suffering. A blog that might have the best URL ever. Quote:

We have asked officers from the 84th Precinct to investigate the sound. They have visited 180 Montague Street twice and failed to resolve the problem. The first time they came, they decided that the noise was coming from a door ajar on the roof of 180 Montague Street itself and left. The second time, they said it was “the whistling of the wind,” “garbage trucks backing up,” and then finally that they had no idea what it was and that it wasn’t their job to deal with it anyway.Is the culprit 180 Montague (right)? Its Apartment Ratings page has a bunch of negative comments, but the only thing pertaining to noise is, "While the location was convenient, EVERY NIGHT THE GARBAGE TRUCKS MAKE A TON OF NOISE!!!! I am talking loud whining noise IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT." Hmmm. Then again, maybe there's a rogue dog whistle loose on the town.
· Something Loud and Annoying This Way Comes [] [180 Montague photo courtesy of Property Shark]