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25 Bond Unveiled

After months of hiding behind a big white shroud the new residential condo at 25 Bond in NoHo dropped its cover this past weekend. And what a handsome face it has. Eight stories of hefty rough-cut Jerusalem limestone partnered with details of dark bronzed steel. It's been designed by architect George Schieferdecker of BKSK Architects as six stories of four bold asymmetrically arranged sections with recessed windows down below and a couple of stories of contrasting steel crowning the top. The building runs for a full 100 feet along Bond Street across from Ian Schrager / Herzog and de Meuron's all glass palace at 40 Bond. What a pair these two make. As different as Archy and Mehitabel.

[The shrouded 25 Bond as seen from Bond (left) and from Bleecker up Shinbone Alley]

[The Bond Street facade (left) and the rear facade looking out over Shinbone Alley]

The owner of this nugget of downtown gold is Shinbone Alley Associates, but anyone with a yen to buy here shouldn't even bother making a phone call. Word is that everything is pre-sold. And while DOB says that there will be 23 units inside, the creative team got an OK to cut that down to 14 cozy abodes.

Hmmm. Eight stories and 14 units. Doing the math we're imagining something taking up a full floor, big and spacious. At 8,000 square feet per floor that could make for some nice room to play, no? And what if there were a duplex or a triplex up top? Better yet. And did we mention all the fireplaces? Crikey! That'd make for a place as wide and warm as Australia.

[The Jerusalem limestone from Palestine that BKSK Architects chose for the facade]

[The glass of 40 Bond reflecting 25 Bond across the way]

An added bonus: 25 Bond sits above the City's new Third Water Tunnel, which might come in handy if the Shinbone Alley partners ever want to add a pool to that pretty garden out back. And when they do then all the newbies living on what is becoming one of the more interesting blocks in town could get together and throw a roaming pool party. Could be fun. Would alley cats and cockroaches be welcomed?

[NYC DEP Map showing the path of City Tunnel No. 3 as it runs below 25 Bond]

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