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Eater Tastings: NYC Is Like Hollywood, Except Drier

Inside Westville East, a bigger brother for the W. 10th St. original. Bonus Inside: Amelia in the Dream Hoel and, at long last, Gold Bar. Photos by Kalina.

More of this week's goodness from Curbed/SLNY restaurant blog Eater...

1) Mere moments after sparring with the local community board over its liquor license, Death & Co. has "closed for 'Spring Cleaning.'" Not a good sign.
2) Meanwhile, Boucarou in the East Village, is producing a template for liquor-license procurement, with its "dining room" and aggressive menu.
3) Why the NYC dining scene is like Hollywood. And what it means for you.
4) Keith McNally's Morandi has been in biz for two weeks now, plenty of time for a batch of good news and bad news.

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