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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) 'Park Slope Alternative Stepford Moms' Mount Defense (103 comments)
"I thought the article was really funny but also meaningless. It's stupid to make fun of children. Children are happy people. Why shouldn't kids listen to Radiohead? I didn't get it."
2) Ask Curbed: My Luxury Rental Sucks. What To Do? (92 comments)
"I work on Wall Street and own a Cartier watch which I bought for more than $2K less than retail, and paid no sales tax. And I was able to save the money to buy it because I don't rent an overpriced "luxury" apartment."
3) Curbed Roundtable: March State 'o the [Rental] Market (79 comments)
"Rental market is quieting down. People are not willing to pay the high prices that management companies have gotten used to charging. Negotiations are easier and prices are leveling off or declining in anything that isn't luxury."
4) J Condo Silences Doubters (40 comments)
"Windows: Triple glazed, and laminated, and, most importantly, the thickness of the panes vary (this is the key to reducing sound transmission)."
5) Searching for NYC's Ugliest Building (39 comments)
"Mentioning the Sculpture for Living in any 'ugliest' buildings doesn't make sense. We know that the Astor place tower is a favorite whipping-boy of architectural snobs, but it hardly belongs with ugly buildings."