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More Boymelgreen Fun: 'Shaya Is Coming' Website

Some days, you just get more Boymelgreen than others. Like today. This item, though, isn't about the developments so much as the developer himself, who seems to have what might be called "disgruntled employees" and labor issues. (One early sign of trouble: the inflatable rat outside the 75 Smith condo and hotel project at Smith and Atlantic Avenues.) Well, there's now a "Shaya is Coming" website dedicated to the developer that declares "Shaya Boymelgreen's irresponsible development of Brooklyn must be stopped" and includes an online petition calling for higher wages, more affordable housing, etc. It comes from the Laborers Eastern Region Organizing Fund. A tasting:

Boymelgreen’s projects are manned by underpaid workers laboring in dangerous conditions...His pricy apartments displace the local low- and moderate-income families and destroy the unique character of Brooklyn.Fun for the whole family.
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