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'New Park Slope' Gets New Price Tags

More information is trickling out of Leviev Boymelgreen's Novo Park Slope (sorry, that sounded kinda gross). We've got a three-pronged superupdate on the oft-mocked dormitory/mental institution on Brooklyn's fabulous Fourth Avenue, so get ready for the pronging! (1) The full Novo Park Slope website is up and running, carrying a nice easy-listening tune and the slogan, "the energy of 5th and 7th Avenues," you know, without being on either of those streets. (2) As you can tell by the picture, there are now some model units to look at, and there's an Open House on Sunday from 1-3! Pack up the kids! (3) Corcoran now has a bunch of listings posted on their site, including one 1,500-square-foot three-bedroom that just cracks $1 million. Says our unbiased tipster: "Asking prices seem to range between $600 and $675 psf. Seems a little high for the nabe, but I’m sure the upper floor units have great views."
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