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Selling Off the Cells in Harlem

Our old compadre CitySpecific headed on over to West 121st Street to check on the progress of 10 Mt. Morris Park, the luxury eight-unit condo conversion that in another life and time was the Parkside Correctional Facility. So, how's it looking?

Seems to be coming along nicely. Corcoran-approved banner out front? Check. Website with sufficiently hip lounge music? Check. Street-level glass-door entry to a unit's kitchen and dining room? Uh, check? I understand there used to be some flashing that went on from this building, but do they have to keep that spirit alive?CS likes to call these units con-dos, but we prefer jaildominiums. Just sounds sexier, right? And if you're looking to snag your very own jaildo, you might be out of luck. It looks like all of the apartments are under contract.
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