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CurbedWire: Beacon Tower, the Tenants Have Landed

DUMBOA tipster pries face from telescope to report, "I just wanted to let you know that there's people living in Beacon Tower. Move-ins have started. I forgot to take a picture this morning but I saw people through the windows unpacking boxes on Saturday night around the 5th or 6th floor maybe, and we're talking around midnight. Today walking by you could see lamps and stuff on the walls. The apartment looks at/faces the Manhattan bridge." [CurbedWire Inbox]

PARK SLOPEPoor David Cross just can't catch a real estate break on either side of the river. Blogger The Apiary alerts us to a Michael Showalter interview in which Cross reveals he was outbid twice on a Park Slope apartment. [The Apiary/CurbedWire Inbox]

UPPER EAST SIDEIt seems that ice was also a problem in the UES this weekend. A tipster reports, "falling ice at Loft 67 shattered the glass canopy on Saturday." [CurbedWire Inbox]