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Development Du Jour: 255 East 74th

Location: 255 East 74th Street
Size: 30 Stories of Lofts, 3-5 Bedroom Apartments
Prices: $2.5 million to $7 million
Developer: World-Wide Group
Lowdown: The Upper East Side will be getting a new glass high rise without calling in for celebrity support. Designed by H3 Architects, this 30 story building will have 87 units, the majority of them being supersized for family living. The upper floors will feature 3,4,5 bedrooms with lower floors having loft-like duplex units. Special building bonuses include a 42,000 square foot Equninox on the lower floors and 2400 square feet of space dedicated to children and teens. Several units will also feature in-residence playrooms just for the kiddies, which seems like the perfect use of space. Notice how the rendering shows the tower seamlessly blending with the neighboring structures. The building will be ready in late 2008.
· 30-Story Manhattan Luxury High Rise Underway [CPN]