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Lincoln Center Construction Update: Trailer Time

The above photo by photoblogger WhatISee reminded us that it'd been awhile since we checked in with the construction work at Lincoln Center. The project's official update page, it turns out, is a read as riveting as most local crimeblotters, with big project news (the upcoming Alice Tully Hall closure at the end of April) mixed with nuggets like this:

The Juilliard bookstore will close at the end of the day on March 25. It will re-open on April 2 in a temporary trailer located on the northwest corner of the Juilliard building on W. 66th St. The bookstore will remain in its temporary 66th St. location until 2009.First photo of the Julliard bookstore trailer to the tipline wins our everlasting affection. Meantime, area residents also have this big fun to look forward to: "A crane is scheduled to be positioned in the curb lane on the eastern side of Amsterdam Avenue between 63rd and 64th Streets on March 25th 2007."
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