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179 Ludlow Goes on the Block

[A sign tacked on the inside wall at 179 Ludlow]

Or Complaining. Or Crying. Just break open those piggy banks and cough up the cash. This choice little slice of the Lower East Side at 179 Ludlow Street hits the auction block tomorrow. What's the real worth of a couple of thousand artfully arranged Concrete Masonry Units?

Will David Cross grab this potential bonanza? The area is booming. Costas' 23-story bit of brickage across the street at 188 Ludlow has topped out and Pomeranc's Candle in the Wind hotel over on Allen Street is getting its glass on. The final auction price includes a whole slew of kitchen cabinets (plus Paper Tower Holders!!). From the expanse of the 3rd Floor 800 sf terrace the view of the Empire State Building is pretty nice. To be honest, the aroma of corned beef wafting up from Katz' kitchen next door might wear thin after awhile. Hey! Nothing's perfect (as the offering points out). But c'mon!! This is Ludlow Street, hotbed of ART and MUSIC. Opportunity awaits.

[The rear end of the 2nd Floor space]

[Wide openings on the upper floors overlook Ludlow Street]

[Balconies and Fedders cut-outs galore]

[The 3rd Floor unit includes an 800 sf terrace overlooking the roof at Katz]

[The 1st Floor Commercial space (left) and the 3rd Floor terrace]

[Kitchen cabinets and accessories are included]

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