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'Stoner Outed: 'If I Struck it Rich, I Wouldn’t Move Back to Manhattan.'

After more than two years of blogging behind his Wall Street boss' backs, Brownstoner has granted an interview to the Observer's Tom Acitelli in which he reveals his identity and announces that he's quit his job to work on the site full-time. He is 37-year-old Upper East Side native Jonathan Butler, and he's coming out now because he says, on Brownstoner, "The decision to unmask ourself was driven primarily by our desire to start interacting with the Brownstoner community more (putting on lectures, organizing a salvage fair later in the year and being able to mix and mingle with readers at house tours, open houses, etc.)"

Butler tells Acitelli that his favorite Brooklyn neighborhood is Clinton Hill, and he takes shots at the area's developers, saying a lot of the new work "is completely bad. It’s terrible, the new construction. I think it’s a lack of imagination on developers’ part, and an underestimation of how much the average buyers in most of these markets actually care." So there you go. To sum it all up, Brownstoner likes: pale green scarves, V-neck sweaters, Clinton Hill, chamomile; Brownstoner dislikes: overdevelopment, Atlantic Yards, shaving. You're next, Grunt!
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