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Development du Jour: 200 Eleventh Avenue

Location: 200 Eleventh Avenue
Size: Sixteen one-bedroom to three-bedroom units. Fourteen have an en-suite garage.
Prices: $4.695 million to $9.5 million, for now.
Developer: Youngwoo & Associates
Sales & Marketing: Leonard Steinberg/Elliman
Lowdown: Last time we took a peek at the materials floating around about Annabelle Selldorf's latest, we weren't in Development du Jour territory quite yet. Now? We couldn't possibly be more ready to get Selldorf'd. The web presence for 200 Eleventh Avenue is up and running, and as an emailer said, "Um, wow." The best parts? A video explaining that whole car elevator thing, and a promised webcam that will show construction site progress. So. Friggin'. Pumped. Also, boring things like floorplans and, you know, information. Over on the Elliman site, four listings are up. We're looking at $2,000-$3,000 per square-foot here. Yowza. That's the price you gotta pay for all that cast gunmetal glazed terra cotta and sculptural stainless steel.
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200 11th Avenue

200 11th Avenue, New York, New York