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Broker Blogwrap: Lofty Inventory, Lofty Lofts

Broker Blogwrap is Curbed's irregular roundup of the best of the real estate broker blogs. Got a blog we should be reading? Drop a line to

1) Is a hot market pushing up Manhattan apartment inventory? Noah at UrbanDigs thinks so. Compare and contrast the new-to-market apartments seen at right: on top, a $995,000 2BR on West 87th Street; at bottom, a $940,000 1BR on East 10th Street. [UrbanDigs]

2) On buying in amidst the holdouts at The Sheffied: "Of course there will be a lot of cynics but they are the people who always are the ones on the sideline saying how crazy everyone else is or how they should have bought something." [UpperCrustNYC]

3) Sandy Mattingly analyzes seven recent closings in the Manhattan loft market in an effort to understand why they sold. Our analysis: because lofts are pretty! [Manhattan Loft Guy]

4) Warmer weather means open houses. Here's a good weekend rundown. [MREV]