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CurbedWire: Grinnell Update, Death of Advertecture, More!

ADVERTECTURE -- A special Curbed correspondent from the advertecture industry reports the end of an era is near: "On the heels of word I received last week from yet another scaffolding firm that in the wake of those vinyl-wrapped (Helio) scaffoldings falling down over the Halloween weekend, that the city was dealing with that problem by no longer issuing permits for scaffolds with parapets (the vertical, ad-supporting portion) of more than 4' in height. This effectively kills vinyl wrap advertising." Just don't call it a phone. [CurbedWire Inbox]

WASHINGTON HEIGHTS -- Would someone really would pay $1.65 for the 9-into-8 Grinnell apartment in Washington Heights? Verdict, from an operative: "The answer is yes. Contract signed—and it was within a whisper of the asking price." [CurbedWire Inbox]

REAL DEAL FORUM -- Another special Curbed correspondent attended the Real Deal's Development Forum on Tuesday night and files a quick back-of-envelope nugget: "Corcoran's Pam Liebman was saying there was a 1600 person waiting list for her new east side building so things are hot, hot hot (my translation). Of course, no one asked he how many sales she had at the Stanhope in the past 16 months (answer = 0)." [CurbedWire Inbox]