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Eater Tastings: Di Fara Backlash; Top Chef; ShackWand

Inside Ed's Lobster Bar on Lafayette, where Soho residents can finally get a proper lobster roll. Photo by Kalina.

More of this week's goodness from Curbed/SLNY restaurant blog Eater...

1) Di Fara is still climbing out from a pile of mouse droppings, but on Chowhound, that shit is totally taboo.
2) Lunching with a Top Chef. Dieterle's Perilla slated for "late Spring, early Summer" opening on Jones Street.
3) Introducing the ShackWand, for all your waiting-in-a-park-for-a-burger needs. Also, don't miss the first day coverage.
4) The fabulous tale of the grasshopper in the wrap.

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