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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) This One-Bedroom Chelsea Beauty Could Be in a Catalog (106 comments)
"She may have downloaded an ad from West Elm, but I can't tell you how many agents I have stolen pictures from my ads and tried to pawn them off as their own for apartments that don't even exist."
2) On the Market: 92 Jane Street, Totally Transparent (45 comments)
"this is now my dream home - this is possibly the most amazing townhouse i have ever seen in manhattan. Sure its doesn't have the curb appeal of the townhouses in upper east like the one Madonna is buying, but this is just SICK!!!"
3) Jitney Civil War: UWS Hits Back, Markowitz Unimpressed (38 comments)
"Most people leave from work, so they do not need an UWS stop. The advatage of the brooklyn one is that someone can go home and pick up their stuff without haveing to go in the WRONG direction. Brooklyn is closer to the Hamptons and you miss the Manhattan traffic!!!!"
4) The Williamsburg Condo Fashion Statement (30 comments)
"yeah, seriously. what parent wants to spend $900K in williamsburg? if i had a kid and that kind of cash, i'd force them to live somewhere more desirable, even if it meant giving up some space and the whole "penthouse" thing. she can get a penthouse for her 30th birthday. for now, a luxury one-bedroom will do just fine."